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Blurbarians are industrious. The number of books you’re sharing with the world has grown exponentially over the past few months. In fact, so many “public” books are being produced that we decided to give the Blurb Bookstore a minor face-lift in an effort to highlight even more of the books being created on a daily basis.
newBookstore Building a better Blurb bookstore
You’ll now find three distinct directories in the bookstore. Just Published displays all the latest bookstore arrivals. You upload it, make it public, and it’ll be in the Blurb Bookstore within minutes. In Staff Picks (previously known as Featured Books) you’ll find all the particularly noteworthy books that we’ve come across. Finally, Best Sellers (based on number of units sold) displays the top twenty most popular books of the past week.

And for those of you wondering how we select Staff Picks, way back when the blog first started, we explained the Book of the Week process. It applies to our Staff Picks as well. We look for innovative use of BookSmart, uniqueness of subject matter, diverse representation of our bookstore categories, and quality. Each week we look at every new title in the Blurb Bookstore, and we select from that pool. We then list our new Staff Picks on most Wednesdays. It’s absolutely one of the favorite parts of our job.

Keep in mind, the bookstore is only one of many ways to promote your book. Our Announce and Badge tools continue to help Blurbarians generate buzz around their books. And, as always, let us know what you think about our latest Bookstore changes by sending us feedback, either with our private feedback form, or by leaving a comment below.

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pin it button Building a better Blurb bookstore


  1. I have shared this website and the one book I have had printed with at least 100 professional photographers or photo teachers. I think that this POD site is wonderful and one heck or a lot of fun. Thanks.
    Frank Marshman
    CAMERA WIZ camera
    Harrisonburg, VA

    By frank marshman
      September 25, 2007 – 12:21 pm   Permalink
  2. Hey Frank –

    Thanks so much for the accolades, and spreading the word on Blurb!


    By Jack
      September 25, 2007 – 5:01 pm   Permalink
  3. I absolutely love the tranvel book I made. I have told tons of people about your site, as they are all so enthralled with the concept of an actual book of personal pictures. I plan to do some more creative things in the near future, but for now, I am redoing all my old non digital photo albums. it is a great concept.

    By Charlene
      September 25, 2007 – 7:01 pm   Permalink
  4. This a great product and I really enjoy publishing my books here:)

    By Joan
      September 25, 2007 – 7:28 pm   Permalink
  5. I really like this site.

    By Joan
      September 25, 2007 – 7:29 pm   Permalink
  6. your site does not render well with my Mac and Safari. Ken

    By ken wagner
      September 26, 2007 – 8:40 am   Permalink
  7. Hi Ken,

    We’re all on Macs here at Blurb. Some of us use Firefox, others prefer Safari. I am really curious about the rendering problems you are experiencing. I’ll contact you offline so we can get to the bottom of this.

    – Thanks!

    By Kathy
      September 26, 2007 – 9:13 am   Permalink
  8. two questions: as you are all working on Macs can you tell me how to access the copyright logo on my MAC?

    Also, there was imformation re. removing the Blurb logo from my book in one of your on-line letters but I’ve forgotten what it told me to do! How do i do that?


    Janet Reider

      October 2, 2007 – 6:02 pm   Permalink

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