Business ideas: Make Blurb your secret weapon

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Yesterday, my coworker Nikita bounded into the office and promptly showed off a final he was about to submit to one of his professors. He turned his college paper into a 7×7 hardcover, professionally bound book. I would love to see the look on the instructor’s face when he discovers it amidst a sea of generic plastic folders. I’m sure the “wow factor” and professionalism will work in Nikita’s favor (in addition to his brilliant writing on the subject of ethics).

This same scenario could easily play out in the business realm. In his blog, Cabernet Logic, Randy Peterson contemplates business, branding, communications, and building meaningful relationships. He suggests thanking clients with books that document the success of their projects:

Like a light bulb going on, it all made sense. Yes, finishing a project on time certainly builds trust and confidence with your clients. BUT go the extra mile – spend a few minutes documenting the process, take pictures, jot some notes and create a reason to make your client RAVE.

John Jantsch, the blogger behind Duct Tape Marketing, imagined some very specific uses for Blurb in business. He suggests how realtors, contractors, designers, and even financial planners can create books to use as presentations, referral tools, and client gifts.

Have you used Blurb to build your business? Have you blogged about Blurb and business? We’re very interested in more of these ideas, so please share them below.

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pin it button Business ideas: Make Blurb your secret weapon

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