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Ebook Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Not enough time to get a Valentine’s Day gift together? Why not give an ebook? Sure, we’ll admit that not every classic gift makes the easy transition to digital: Consider e-chocolates. Not nearly as tasty as the real thing (even if they are lighter in calories) And e-flowers just don’t smell as sweet – or at [...]

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Give an ebook as a gift

The digital age is changing everything. Including how we give gifts. While we’re all for giving beautiful printed books for Christmas, there’s no reason why you can’t give an ebook instead. Why give an ebook as a gift? How about these reasons?  

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How to make ebooks for the iPad: Ebooks and InDesign

A few weeks back we covered ebook conversion of printed books you’ve already made. Today, we’re going to talk about how to make ebooks for the iPad with our plug-in for Adobe InDesign. But before we get into the step-by-step, let’s talk about the reasons why you’d want to go this route: Our Plug-in for [...]

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Artists and enhanced ebooks: An interview with Robert Leslie

  Robert Leslie is known for his photographic journeys through India, Brazil, China, and Europe. But in 2009, the British-born and Canadian-raised photographer set his viewfinder on the Sun Belt of the United States, the economically challenged, 8,000-km route between Miami, Florida, and Los Angeles, California. He used this body of work as the basis [...]

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