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Get PDF Books, Now at Blurb

If you’ve ordered a printed copy of one of your books recently, you’ve probably noticed we now offer a cool little add-on: A PDF version of your book. Now, any book, made with any of our tools, can also be converted to a convenient PDF. For those keeping score at home, Blurb now offers printed [...]

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How to make ebooks for the iPad: Part 1

Blurb has two ways to help you make ebooks for the iPad. And we’ll tackle the first one this week, since it starts with the printed books you’ve already made. To begin, just go to your book’s Detail page and you’ll see a button that says “Create ebook for iPad.” Clicking the “Create Ebook for [...]

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Shooting in the Dark: Night Photography Tips, Part 1

Night photography is not for the faint of heart. It can be cold, dark (well, you knew that) and exceedingly eerie. It can also be extremely rewarding. With the proper equipment and know how, you can capture some striking images at night. Here are some basic night photography tips on how to prepare and make [...]

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Fixed Format Ebooks

Fixed-format ebook is a popular choice for book makers who want to preserve their design and layout when publishing in ebook form. Unlike standard re-flowable ebooks that simply have a top down vertical flow with very little design capabilities (think ebooks read on text readers like the Kindle), a fixed-format ebook retains all of the [...]

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