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Live-blogging Tools of Change (TOC2011) Conference

Blurb will be bringing you some live reports from the inner recesses of the NYC Sheraton, at the Tools of Change 2011 conference, which is jam-packed with publishing folks. Good morning, we’re at “Standards in Flux”, with Bill Kasdorf (Apex Content Solutions), Mark Bide (EDItEUR), George Kerscher (Daisy Consortium), and Norman Walsh (MarkLogic Corporation). This [...]

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iBooks 1.2 is Another Dilemma for Book Makers

Apple updated iBooks, their ePub and PDF reader for iPad and iPhone, to version 1.2. In the update are a few significant improvements: the ability to organize your library into categories, print book pages, search for books, and back (and forward) links for anchors (like in footnotes). The big news for book makers however is [...]

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The dark ages of e-books

If you want to read an e-Book and you remember the early days of the Web, you’re probably having a bad flashback. Reading devices like the Kindle, Nook, and iPad all have separate bookstores and book formats, and their makers (and other companies) are trying to create readers ‘locked in’ to their device and bookstores. [...]

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