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Five Questions on How to Get a Book Published

We love all aspects of publishing: We love self publishing, and we love it when people strike out and land publishing deals. This week, our Five Questions post is devoted to the latter. Christopher Logan is an actor, fundraiser, and photographer wrangler. His book, dr.a.g. (dressed as girl), is a gorgeous photo book profiling some [...]

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Standing on Amps: Five Questions for Rock Photographer Andrew Catlin

  Note: The interview below, and the book described, feature language that’s pretty rock and roll (i.e., there are one or two words some may find offensive). You’ll have to forgive me if I’m a little starstruck during this edition of our Five Questions series. This week’s subject, Andrew Catlin, is a rock star photographer – [...]

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Five (or Six) Questions for Photojournalist Alex Bowie

Five Questions is a series that asks pro photographers about how they do what they do. Today we talk to photojournalist Alex Bowie. Bowie began covering the violence and unrest in Belfast, Northern Ireland, in the ’70s and photographed many of the world’s trouble spots during the 1970s and 1980s. He has photographed many areas [...]

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Dust and File Formats: Five Questions on How to Scan Negatives

With film gaining in popularity again, we thought it was time to ask an expert about how to scan negatives. It seems simple but there a lot of options to consider. So we asked Dan Milnor to help us sort things out. Dan is Blurb’s photographer at large, and a huge proponent of shooting with film. In fact, that’s [...]

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