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How to Put an ISBN Barcode on Your Book

Great news, aspiring bestselling authors – the newest version of Blurb BookSmart® makes it super easy to put your ISBN barcode on the back of your book. Here’s how it works: 1: Download the latest version of BookSmart and make your book. 2: Go to the back cover of your book and choose your layout. [...]

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How to use BookSmart’s Alignment Tools

If you’ve ventured into Blurb BookSmart’s “Edit Page Layout” functionality, you know that it’s a pretty handy way to fine-tune – or even create – layouts for your book. If you haven’t, you’ll want to take a look at this handy tutorial, before reading this week’s how-to. Edit Page Layout lets you add, edit, and [...]

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How to make ebooks for the iPad: Part 1

Blurb has two ways to help you make ebooks for the iPad. And we’ll tackle the first one this week, since it starts with the printed books you’ve already made. To begin, just go to your book’s Detail page and you’ll see a button that says “Create ebook for iPad.” Clicking the “Create Ebook for [...]

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How to Design a Book Cover: A Case Study

The design of your book cover can be a pretty big deal, particularly if your book is based on text and not photos. So for this week’s “how to” we’re handing over the reigns to Cate Furey, the designer behind The Emerging Writer. Furey was kind enough to share three cover designs (front and back) [...]

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