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How to choose the photo for the cover of your wedding album

A few months ago, one of our Facebook friends asked the Blurb community if anyone had any advice on which image to choose for the book she was making of a friend’s wedding. Sure, the answer seems obvious enough: a picture of the bride and groom. While there’s nothing wrong with that, there are plenty [...]

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Winning Fonts for Books

We love the wonderful world of type (and we’ve got plenty of ideas about how to choose the right fonts for books).  So when we saw that The Font Feed had calculated the top ten typefaces used in award-winning book design, we just had to pass along the list. It starts with Minion, and ends [...]

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The Secret to Perfect Page Design

The simplicity and elegance of this is mind-boggling. No need for complicated programs or complex measuring devices. The harmony of page design begins with this simple theory – and all it takes is a ruler, a pencil, and a piece of paper. Take a look at this post by Retinart and see how this theory [...]

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How the Pros Design Book Covers

How long does it take for the pros to design book covers? Not two minutes like this time-lapse video shows, but a good six hours or so … if you know what you are doing. Lauren Panepinto, creative director at Orbit, ran her video screen capture as she designed a cover for the book series [...]

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