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Five Fantastic Travel Photography Tips

1) How to fool the flash A lot of point-and-shoot cameras have less than stellar flashes that can result in a harshly lit photo. Here’s a clever fix: put an empty beer bottle (every traveler can get ahold of one of those!) in front of the flash and shoot. We’ve even heard of people using a [...]

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Photography for Beginners: Rule of Thirds

Blurb photographers come in the full range of experience and skill, but the one thing we all have in common is the ongoing desire to take better photos. We’d like to offer a series of lessons and tips here in the blog, starting with the most basic ideas useful to those who are just starting [...]

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How to Manage Your Photos

We’ve heard it many times:  you can’t get started on your book because you’re paralyzed by the overwhelming task of sorting through the number of photos you took. Editing photos – the process of narrowing down your collection to a usable amount – is hard, being choosy is hard, but knowing how to manage your [...]

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Dust and File Formats: Five Questions on How to Scan Negatives

With film gaining in popularity again, we thought it was time to ask an expert about how to scan negatives. It seems simple but there a lot of options to consider. So we asked Dan Milnor to help us sort things out. Dan is Blurb’s photographer at large, and a huge proponent of shooting with film. In fact, that’s [...]

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