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Where are my book comments?

The Internet is nothing if not a rapid stream of change. A lot of this change is good. Some of it is not so good – case in point: Facebook is changing the way its comment widget works, and we’ve had to reconfigure the way commenting works on our site. As a side-effect, past comments [...]

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The Designer Collection: Photo book templates by Laura Brunow Miner

Our new Designer Collection of photo book templates has been specially created for us by designer and photographer Laura Brunow Miner. Laura has brought her passion and experience to create these beautiful, no-fuss templates for artists and photographers who want to effortlessly score some extra style points. {her style} And we thought, what better way to [...]

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Blurb switches to per-page book pricing for custom book printing

So, you’ve probably heard we’re changing to per-page pricing. In short, we think it makes things a lot easier for you – and in most cases, also less expensive. Read on to find out more: Q: Wait, what’s happening? A: Blurb is switching to a simple, per-page pricing model. This means that every book size [...]

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Fed Ex deliveries affected by Sandy

    We realize that during a storm book making is not your primary concern. And we hope all our friends and fellow book makers on the East Coast are safe and as dry as possible. However, we did also want to pass on an update on our print and delivery operations. As of right [...]

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