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Introducing Custom Planners from Blurb

2012 making waves by jenkins | Make Your Own Book Three months ago we introduced our beautiful custom Notebooks. And now, because you asked for it, we’re introducing our new custom Weekly Planners. You can fill them with 12 months of your beautiful photography, just in time for the New Year and the holiday season. [...]

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How ebooks change everything for photographers

“For me, photography ebooks open up my work to a variety of people who might otherwise not be able to experience the story or project I’m working on. I see a marriage between print books and ebooks where both options work in tandem to provide the publisher with a variety of avenues to reach the [...]

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The Secret Behind Blurb’s Strong Book Bindings

Once again, we’re lucky to have a post by Bruce Watermann, Senior Vice President of Print Operations and our resident guru of all things print. Read on to learn the inner workings of our newly improved, super strong PUR book bindings. From Bruce: We’ve been talking a lot of late about Blurb’s obsession with quality [...]

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The seamless evolution of a Blurb Book

When you work at Blurb you spend a lot of time looking at books and noticing the details. Not just in our books, but those in bookstores, art galleries, and museum shops. You become a connoisseur of bindings and papers. You open a book and wonder, “Can we do that? How can we give people [...]

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