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The Blurberati Guide to Online Writing Workshops

Who wouldn’t want to pack up their laptop, hop a plane, and commune with other creatives in some bucolic setting like Vermont at the the famed Bread Loaf Writers’ Conference or maybe Bali for the annual Ubud Writers and Readers Festival?  Sounds good to us. But let’s be honest, there’s that sticky bit about the [...]

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Five Questions on How to Get a Book Published

We love all aspects of publishing: We love self publishing, and we love it when people strike out and land publishing deals. This week, our Five Questions post is devoted to the latter. Christopher Logan is an actor, fundraiser, and photographer wrangler. His book, dr.a.g. (dressed as girl), is a gorgeous photo book profiling some [...]

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Three Smart Steps to Promoting Your Self-Published Book

There is a lot of marketing and sales advice available online about promoting your self-published book, targeted to authors, full of unhelpful buzzwords and phrases like “develop community” or “increase engagement.” So, how exactly do you do that? Read on for my top three essential tips on steps that every self-respecting, self-published author should take [...]

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Big news from Blurb: Sell your book, keep all the profits

You know all those friends who said you could cash in on your book idea? Today Blurb is proving them right: We’re officially launching our Set Your Price program. You decide how much to charge for your book,and you keep 100 percent of the profit over Blurb’s base price for the book. No really, that’s [...]

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