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Run for Boston: A fundraising book for the Boston bombing survivors


  How do you respond to an incident as horrifying and heartbreaking as the Boston Marathon bombings? For the running community that found itself suddenly trying to comprehend how its beloved sport could become the focus of so much destruction, the answer was to come together and run. On April 17, runners across the world [...]

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3D printing and custom magazine printing: The Print Shift launch


Print Shift, Blurb’s exclusive team-up with Dezeen, launched to big fanfare, with journalists from the BBC, Gizmodo and TechEurope gathering at our press event. As it swung into action, the Blurb team listened in as a panel of pentagonal perfection – five luminaries of the print, editorial, design and technological industries came face to face [...]

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Custom Magazine Printing: Haute Future


As orders pour in for Dezeen’s new Print Shift magazine, it’s clear that you’re all abuzz, and why wouldn’t you be! The magazine was made using Blurb’s free plug-in for Adobe® InDesign®, each issue is printed on demand, and it covers the hot topic of 3D printing. You’ll enjoy reading up on how Haute Couture’s [...]

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Print Shift, Dezeen’s magazine made by Blurb, has launched!

Cover of the 3D Printing issue of DeZeen Magazine

You can touch it. Smell it. And most importantly, you can read it! It’s bursting with over 50 pages of insight, intrigue and debate around the controversial subject of 3D printing, and made using Blurb’s free plug-in for Adobe® InDesign®. Dita Von Teese’s 3D-printed dress, four names to know in the 3D printing world, the [...]

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