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Publishers, Libraries, and Ebooks

Jonathan Rochkind says that “Libraries can offer ebooks, unlike print books, only at the sufferance of publishers, and publishers may charge whatever they like for this ‘privilege’. Publishers, not liking the idea of libraries much, are not providing that permission in some cases, and are providing pricing models in other cases which make it much [...]

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BEA 2011 Talk: Why Ebooks Will Save the Book

[Below are the slides and text of a talk I gave Thurs. May 26, at BEA. Feedback is welcome!] Hi, I’m Ben Clemens. I work at a company in San Francisco called Blurb, which has a set of tools for making beautiful printed books. I’d like to talk to you about e-books however, because as [...]

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David Foster Wallace’s publisher said they couldn’t do what now?

In an article today ( about editing David Foster Wallace’s posthumous novel The Pale King, the editor, Michael Pietsch had a large, disconnected set of material to work with. Not sure about the order of the chapters and not wanting to make assumptions about what Wallace would have wanted, he “talked to Little Brown’s e-book [...]

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541 Years of the Death of Books

In The Body of the Book,* Jan-Dirk Müller recounts how, in the 15th century, a man in Paris named Guillaume Fichet was worried. He was starting to see the effects of the invention of moveable type, created 30 years earlier, and he didn’t like them. We’re not talking the blogging software, but the actual metal [...]

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