Checking in With Two of the 2009 PBN Winners

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We caught up with a couple of the 2009 Photography Book Now (PBN) winners and asked how the competition changed their lives. Happily, it’s all good. Read on for updates and think about entering your own book in the 2010 PBN competition. Fame, glory, and grants could be yours.

Susan Worsham, Some Fox Trails in Virginia

Susan’s book was the first runner-up in the Fine Arts category in the 2009 PBN competition. Her book of photographs focuses on places and people in Virginia where she grew up. Haunting and evocative, Some Fox Trails in Virginia caught the attention of not only the PBN judges, but also several people in the photography world.

2 Some Fox Trails in Virginia Susan Worsham Checking in With Two of the 2009 PBN Winners

As a result of PBN, Susan is participating in the artist-in-residence program at Light Work in Syracuse, New York. The director first saw Susan’s work on the Blurb website and asked her to apply. Another person from Light Work saw Susan’s work when she attended Review L.A., an opportunity awarded to her as a PBN prize. As Susan says, neither person would’ve seen her work if it hadn’t been for Blurb and PBN.

Susan also received a TMC/Kodak Film Grant this past year. The grant gives ten photographers the film needed to shoot their intended projects and opportunity to show their work in a year’s time. Hopefully, we’ll get a chance to see Susan’s work again in a 2010 PBN submission.

Matt Logue, empty L.A.

Matt’s book snagged an honorable mention in the Fine Art category in the 2009 PBN competition. His book, empty L.A., captures a surreal L.A., bereft of people and traffic, in other words, almost sci-fi.

From the moment the book won, it provoked interest. Matt emailed with the news. Within minutes, his work was on their site. Matt reports that his and sites crashed due to the onslaught of visitors that came to check out his work. The book was also featured on several L.A. news sites, including and the L.A. Times (both print and web).

2Empty L.A. Matt Logue Checking in With Two of the 2009 PBN Winners

Did it impact his career? Matt says yes. The time it took to respond to people wanting prints, information, and signed copies of his book definitely took time away from his day job supervising animators at a visual effects company in L.A.

Matt has since taken an extended break from work and is concentrating on another photography project. He says that PBN and Blurb have made a difference in his work. Matt writes, “Before Blurb, someone like me, who isn’t an established well-known photographer and probably won’t become one (unless I quit my day job), wouldn’t have had an opportunity to put their work into book form. I’m glad that’s no longer the case.” We look forward to seeing more books from Matt.

As for news of other 2009 PBN winners, we’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, check back on the blog and the PBN site for more inspiration and information. Happy bookmaking.

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pin it button Checking in With Two of the 2009 PBN Winners

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