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Happy Chocolate Utopia Day! So ’twas decreed by Blurb’s fearless leader Eileen Gittins, and thus it was celebrated throughout Blurbland with elves dancing around mountains of chocolate. Wait, maybe I hallucinated those elves after one too many of those Teuscher solid chocolate gnomes … the serotonin levels around the office are off the charts, man. (Workplace satisfaction policy wonks: top that.)

As per norm at Blurb, the inspiration for Chocolate Utopia Day came from a book. But despite possible bellyache from overindulgence in Recchiuti chocolate-covered fleur de sel caramels and s’mores, we fully expect our version to end more cheerfully: after writing Utopia, optimistic Sir Thomas More was beheaded by axe-happy King Henry VIII. Call me a rebel too, but I am optimistic about my ability to handle another CocoaBella dark chocolate pistachio turtle.

If you haven’t read this concise 100-page 1516 bestseller lately, Penguin has a nice edition – never mind those stingy Amazon reviewers. One of the all-time literary classics by a bonafide martyr, and it only gets 4 out of 5 stars? Sheesh, what do you have to do to get that fifth star – martyrdom plus free chocolate, perhaps?

Some reviewers read Utopia as a satire, which I tend to read as a sign of our own cynical times. Given the dark ages More lived through, Utopia is a pretty amazing testament to idealism against the odds. The book is a travel guide to an imaginary place where tolerance, social conscience, and equality between the sexes are the rule of the land, and power, property and wealth pretty much irrelevant. Add chocolate, and you might have a fair approximation of heaven on earth.

So three cheers for Chocolate Utopia Day: to Thomas More, who many packed big ideas into one little book we’re still talking about 500 years later; to Eileen, for giddy quantities of chocolate; and to the dastardly genius of chocolate makers everywhere, for helping the Blurberati turn ideas into ever better books. Now make us a chocolate cookbook, already, and our satisfaction will be complete.

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