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When we kicked off Photography.Book.Now 2009, expectations were high. In 2008, over 2,000 photographers submitted their work, and we saw some truly incredible books.

This year we mixed up the categories, brought in a new panel of amazing judges, and again put out the call to the photography community to bring your best work. Darius Himes chaired the event as lead judge for the second year in a row, and we have to admit – the books we saw blew us away. Again.

A huge congratulations to all entrants. We’re proud to present this year’s $25,000 Grand Prize winner, Rafal Milach, for his work, “Black Sea of Concrete.”

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The “Black Sea of Concrete” is a part of a group project shot by eight photographers from the Sputnik Photos collective, assigned by a Belgium based NGO Altemus to photograph contemporary Ukraine. Rafal edited the photography, and worked with designer Ania Nalecka on the book design. This combo helped put his work over the top. The judging panel took notice.

“By enlisting the assistance of a designer and an editor, Mr. Milach exhibited care and attention to the book as a whole; it was truly teamwork that led to a better end result,” said Darius Himes. “As lead judge, I’m proud to award the Grand Prize to a relatively young photographer and book artist, and I look forward to seeing more from Mr. Milach in the future.”

So do we.

The Photography.Book.Now category winners are below. For the complete list of winning work, please visit the Blurb Bookstore Winners’ Page. Runners-up and Honorable Mentions are also listed in full.

Category Winner, Fine Art: Joshua Deaner, I Sell Fish
“The journey begins with my birth and chronologically brings the reader to the present. Over the course of 350 pages, this book became a form of closure for me, a self-examination of sorts… This book is a glimpse into my world.”

Category Winner, Editorial: Kurt Tong, People’s Park
“Inspired by my family snapshots, the photographs in this project explore recreational spaces found in China… China is changing at a staggering pace. Shopping and the Internet have replaced bumper cars and Ferris wheels. With disuse, many of the People’s Parks have fallen into disarray. I wanted to capture these spaces in China before they disappear.”

Category Winner, Commercial: Dennis Kleiman, Volume One
“The title “Volume One” is kind of tongue in cheek. I thought it sounded sufficiently “weighty” and lent a certain false legitimacy to the work. I mean, c’mon: it’s just fun pictures of musicians. I thought about having a sub-heading that read, “An incomplete compendium of A list musicians by a B list photographer.” Perhaps the next printing will bear that title.”

A huge thank you to all our judges, partners, sponsors, supporters, and friends. We hope to see everyone at our meet-ups this fall.

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