Contemplating a Garden of Books

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folkerts connaissance Contemplating a Garden of Books

Jardin de la Connaissance. Photo © Thilo Folkerts

What better way to spend a late summer weekend than lost in a good book? How about lost in a garden of books? The Jardin de la Connaissance (Garden of Knowledge) brings together walls and benches made from 40,000 discarded books, multi-colored wooden blocks and a variety of mushrooms in a placid natural setting as part of the International Garden Festival in Metis, Quebec.

The installation’s designers, landscape architects Thilo Folkerts and Rodney LaTourelle, have built deep layers of meaning into their creation, which you can read about in detail over at ArchDaily. By the time the festival closes on October 3, the garden will have been exposed to the elements for three months, allowing it to slowly decompose and transform. Who says books are just for reading?

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  1. Definetly a new garden design idea. It will be interesting to see how nature will take over the books. They might serve as a foundation for a new vertical biotope for plants and wildlife. Very interesting…

      October 23, 2010 – 4:03 pm   Permalink

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