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Big City turn me loose and set me free.
-Merle Haggard

I’m more city mouse than country mouse, but put on some Merle Haggard or Iris DeMent and I’m going to start singing and wishing I hadn’t swapped my permanently-out-of-tune guitar for nunchaku. (Long story.) I rarely listen to country or bluegrass, but when I do, even the sad songs seem to make me happy. What is the secret ingredient that does that? Someone please tell me.

This brings me to Salty Dogs, Portraits from Nebraska Country Music Festivals. In our latest Book of the Week, Don Tremain’s photographs capture something honest, tough, and sweet in the faces of the featured musicians and fans. Even if you’re not into country music you’re going to see something special in this photographer’s work, so check out the book’s preview and let us know what you think.

Nice work, Don. Someday we hope to hear the backstory on the characters in Salty Dogs. You can tell they’ve all got stories, or at the very least, some good lyrics.

Salty%20Dogs Cowboy up, its Book of the Week

One of the pages from Salty Dogs.

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