Creating a Cover in Bookify

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In last week’s post, we showed you how to “Hit the Ground Running with Bookify™.” Now that you’ve got the basics down on starting new books, importing photos, and playing with layouts, you’re ready to make your book’s cover.

Let’s get started. Launch Bookify, if you don’t have it already up and running. We’ll assume that you’ve imported your photos and are ready to go. If not, take a quick look at last week’s post, start a new book, import your photos, and then come back here.

If you used AutoCreate…

If you let Bookify place your photos automatically and didn’t make any edits, then you’ll probably have a screen that looks something like this:

bookify 2 1 Creating a Cover in Bookify

There’s a big orange button in the lower right corner that says “Now make my cover.” Go ahead and click on that.

If you’ve created your pages manually…

If you’ve been working in Bookify’s edit mode, dragging and dropping your images and choosing the layouts, then your screen probably looks like this:

bookify 2 2 Creating a Cover in Bookify

From here, you can start your cover by clicking “Design Cover” in the top row of buttons and next to the orange “Preview” button.

Choosing Your Book’s Cover Type

Just as with BookSmart and our PDF to Book workflow, Bookify offers three kinds of book covers: Hardcover with Dust Jacket, ImageWrap Hardcover, and Softcover. Click on the cover option that’s right for you and then click “Next.” If you want to know more about these options, check out our cover choices FAQ.

bookify 2 3 Creating a Cover in Bookify

If you make a mistake or change your mind later, you can always come back to this screen and choose a different cover type.

Designing Your Cover

Your book’s cover has three parts: The front, the back, and the spine. If you’ve chosen to make a hardcover book with a dust jacket, you will also have flaps inside the front and back of the book (ImageWrap and softcovers do not have dust jacket flaps). Bookify lets you treat each of these areas separately.

Let’s start with the front cover. Click on Front Cover, select your most eye-catching photo from the photostream at the bottom of the screen, then drag and drop it onto the cover, just like you would with any other page.

bookify 2 4 Creating a Cover in Bookify

Bookify offers several different cover layouts to choose from. In this case, because the image I’ve chosen is so bright and busy, I’m going to change the layout so my title and author name are outside the photo. To do this, look for the three square buttons below the cover and click the middle one:

bookify layout buttons Creating a Cover in Bookify

All of the available layouts will pop up. Pick the one you like best and it will be applied instantly.

Tip: your photo will take up the area shown in gray, and your title will be in the area with the horizontal lines.

bookify 2 5 Creating a Cover in Bookify

You can also use the button on the left (the one with the crossed arrows) to cycle through all of the options, one at a time. Use the button on the right (the one that looks like a painter’s palette) to change the background color on your cover. As you can see, I’ve chosen to make this background black for strong contrast:

bookify 2 6 Creating a Cover in Bookify

Adding Your Book’s Title

Now it’s time to add a title. Look for the text that says “Click to Add Title” (In this example, it’s right under the photo. The actual location will change based on the layout you’ve chosen). Place your mouse cursor over that and the title area lights up. Click once, and you’re in text edit mode. Go ahead, start typing!

bookify 2 71 Creating a Cover in Bookify

You can change the styling of your text, too. Use the pop-up toolbar to choose a font, change the size and color, make it bold, italic, or underlined, or change the alignment to flush left, center, or flush right. Don’t be afraid to experiment and see how different settings change the look of the title.

Cool trick alert: You can make your title match any color in the photo by clicking on the eyedropper button (next to the color swatch), then clicking on the spot in the photo where that color appears. Simply use the eyedropper to drop that color into your title and ta dah – your cover has a unified look. Give it a try!

Finishing Up

Now you have a front cover and a title. Be sure to add your name as the author: Find the box that says “Click to Add Author Name.” It works the same way as the title.

Once you have the front cover looking just the way you want it, you can do the same to your back cover and, if you’re going with Hardcover Dust Jacket, the flaps. You’ll notice that the spine automatically picks up the title and author name you put on the front cover. You can change the text on the spine if you wish.

A Few Words on Safe Zones

Here are two more things to consider. While working with the text, you may see a yellow warning triangle, like this:

bookify 2 8 Creating a Cover in Bookify

This usually means the text is too long or too big to fit in the box, so you’ll want to shrink it down a bit.

It’s also a good idea to click that little check box at the top of the screen: the one that says “SHOW SAFE ZONES.” Make sure that the important parts of your cover photo, like people’s faces, are clear of the pink shaded area that appears around the edge of the cover. That way you can be certain that those parts won’t be accidentally cut off during printing and binding. And don’t worry, that pink box won’t be printed on your book.

Once you’re done, click “Preview” to get rid of all the clutter and see how your book cover will look when it’s printed!

We hope this helps you get the cover of your book looking its best. If you have any questions, just contact our Customer Support. In the meantime, if you haven’t already given Bookify a try, dive in and have fun!

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  1. Your website was recommended to me by someone who has published with you. Bee’s seach for meaning.

    I have a 30 page book, typed and with notes saying where I’d like the pictures to be inserted.

    If I were to send the text in one file and the pictures in another would you be able to compile and print for me for a bit more money?

    I would gladly pay for some help if the answer is yes, and could send tomorrow. Let me know. Thanks. Victoria

      January 31, 2011 – 6:06 pm   Permalink
  2. Hi Victoria,
    Though we don’t compile books for Blurbarians, why not check out BlurbNation? You’ll find designers and editors for hire there who can help make your book beautiful.
    Thanks for using Blurb and happy bookmaking,

      February 1, 2011 – 1:11 pm   Permalink

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