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Just a quick reminder about our final shipping deadlines for the holiday season. For those of you in the Continental U.S., Friday the 12th is the last day for 2nd Day Air. Next Monday, the 15th, is the last day for Next Day Air.

For our full shipping schedule, check out our Holiday Shipping Deadlines page.

Have questions about an order you’ve placed or are going to place? Visit our Help Page.

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  1. do you ship to canada?

    By Dana
      December 11, 2008 – 9:36 am   Permalink
  2. Just a gentle reminder that Alaska is part of the continental United States, as we are part of the North American continent. The phrase you’re looking for, to exclude Alaska and Hawaii, is “contiguous 48 states”.

    Anchorage, Alaska

    By Anne Young
      December 11, 2008 – 10:28 am   Permalink
  3. Publishing Deadlines … are you going to be closed during Christmas and New Years (I assume so) .. how will this effect delivery times for early January? I have a customer who needs deliver by Jan 4th and I need to know date you must receive for delivery by that date.

    By Jean White
      December 11, 2008 – 4:22 pm   Permalink
  4. Hi,

    Yes, we do indeed ship to Canada. Check our Shipping page for more information and the countries we ship to.

    – Kathy

    By Kathy
      December 12, 2008 – 12:49 pm   Permalink
  5. Hi Jean,

    Yes, our printers will be closed on those holidays, so you should take into consideration the extra time needed for your project. Also, because of the weather and how it can affect shipping, I strongly recommend you order as soon as you can. We have a tremendous number of books moving through our system and the sooner you order, the sooner you’ll get your project. We just can’t promise exact delivery times around this time of the year because of demand.

    And thanks for the reminder. We’ll post a holiday schedule to our blog and forums soon.

    – Kathy

    By Kathy
      December 12, 2008 – 3:33 pm   Permalink
  6. Just wondering if anyone else is in the same ‘holding pattern’ as I am in concerning a recent order. I placed an order on 6 December with an estimated shipping date of 15 December but as of today (already 17 December), I am still ‘bookless’ with my order still labeled as ‘pending.’ I understand it’s the holidays and all… but I would have thought this would be taken into account. Will be interesting to hear if others are in the same muckety muck.

    By J-P
      December 18, 2008 – 1:07 am   Permalink
  7. I ordered my book based on your published deadlines and I STILL won’t receive it in time to get it to my family members for Christmas. I just received an email from you guys promising delivery by christmas eve. My original ship date was 12/16! This is my first order with Blurb and it will most likely be my last. I was so excited to present my parents with an album for christmas and now there is no way I will be able to do that. Broken promises are a bad way to do business in tough economic times.

      December 18, 2008 – 10:01 am   Permalink
  8. We are doing everything we can to honor our holiday deadlines. If you ordered by deadlines specific to your shipping method, we still have a number of days to get your books in time for Christmas (printers will be printing and binding over the weekend).

    Our goal has always been to get books delivered on or before December 24. And if we don’t think a book will make it in time due to the original delivery method chosen, we are upgrading those orders to a faster shipping method. We expect to send out thousands more books in the days to come all via an expedited shipping method. You’ll get an email from us if we have upgraded your order.

    Hope that helps.

    – Kathy

    By Kathy
      December 18, 2008 – 2:54 pm   Permalink
  9. Well, I can’t help but agree with Nicola. The pre-Christmas rush is nothing new and I had really thought Blurb would have taken this into account and allowed for managing the deluge. The previously posted deadlines were entirely misleading, I see now, as my 6 December order will now likely not arrive in time despite the courtesy upgrade in shipping. To Blurb’s credit, though, Customer Service has been very quickly responding to my queries even if not giving me the answers I was hoping for. In any case, will think seriously about using Blurb in the future. Blurb would do well to reconsider its internal policy for the holiday-time crunch.

    By J-P
      December 18, 2008 – 6:40 pm   Permalink
  10. December 8, 2008 ORDER #384188


    PLEASE tell me when I can expect delivery of my order. This is the third order and the first two orders had a problem that required reprinting! You think I would have learned my lesson, but ever so trusting I have placed an order for 20 books that I thought, according to your advertisement, I would have no later than tomorrow as I have paid for next day delivery and allowed the 5-6 business days to process the order. These books are for a Christmas party this weekend and I cannot even find out where the order is in the printing/shipping process. These books were ordered on December 8th because I needed to wait for the reprint of my previous order to see if you could correct the problem. I could not chance placing an order for 20 books and they be delivered to me in the condition of my previous two orders. Therefore, receiving the beautifully bound reprinted book on the 8th gave me the confidence you could handle this order for 20 additional books – the exact same book as previously printed. These books need to be received here, including this Saturday, which I will gladly pay for if you will put Saturday delivery on my order, so I can then reship to my family and friends. This order, which will be a total of 22 books when completed, was just the beginning. It was my intention to order many more books and not being able to “reach out at touch someone” will cause me to seriously consider taking my business elsewhere with the next order so I can at least make a phone call to trace my order. When I say many more books I’m talking about several hundred to use as a foundation fund raiser. Are you interested in this business coming your way or not?

    Barbara Stainback

      December 18, 2008 – 8:47 pm   Permalink
  11. Hi Barbara,

    I’m sure you understand, but the blog isn’t handled by customer support. I removed your email address and phone number to protect your privacy.

    To get more information about your order and other questions you might have, please reach out to our support staff here. Someone will get back to you within two business hours.

    – Kathy

    By Kathy
      December 19, 2008 – 4:01 pm   Permalink
  12. It’s all nonsense, really. My order is now five days late with no real hope of it arriving in South Texas by Saturday evening for an early Sunday morning flight out. Again, the posted deadlines for orders were ENTIRELY misleading. Christmas has been going on for years (heaviest of sarcasm intended). How come Blurb didn’t realise that, um, maybe there would be an increase in orders? And, um, maybe think about handling the load? Grumbling and complaining never helps, I know, and I am old enough to realise that things are not always the way we want them. Still, as I see it, this is a problem that was indeed preventable. Or, at least better managed.

    By J-P
      December 19, 2008 – 7:30 pm   Permalink
  13. I have refrained from posting my only disappointment with Blurb and their holiday shipping “guidelines,” but after two emails have gone unanswered, I’ve decided to add my frustration to the list.

    We created a cookbook for twenty friends and family. We submitted the order on 12/9. We chose Second-day air to ensure they come early enough to re-package and send out. It is 12/23. The order hasn’t even left.

    I’ve been asked to be be patient and understanding. Well, I am not.

    This is the worst, best idea we’ve ever had.

    By the by, I was only offered an upgrade to next-day air. Useless.

    I work for a large organization that has begun to use Blurb for projects. No more.

    By Matt S.
      December 23, 2008 – 7:06 pm   Permalink

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