Double Trouble

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Photoshop? No. Stereoscopic camera? No way Jose. Prism lens? Guess again. It’s the 36th annual Twins Days Festival.

On the first weekend of August, thousands of twins make the “twin” pilgrimage to Twinsburg, Ohio. Two by two, the twins come marching in for a three-day festival of parades, look-a-like contests, a karaoke competition, golf tournament, and scientific research studies to celebrate twin camaraderie – together.

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Being a twin, and having a mom who has nagged me and my brother for years to go, I decided this was the year to join our people.

So what happens when 4,000 “anomalies” come together? Let’s just say it was the most amazing, surreal, bizarre, confusing, whimsical weekend of our lives.

When they are together in a crowd of singletons, twins are identical, but when they’re compared to other twins it is clear that, even as sets, they are individuals. So what do Blurb books and twins have in common? They come in all shapes and sizes.

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Meet Dick and Bill. They live in the same town, kept the same job for rival banks, and retired on the same day. The banks threw a joint retirement party for them and sent them off to Twins Day for the first time.

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We’re not going to point any fingers, but two of us (the evil twins, possibly?) tried to strangle our womb mates with umbilical cord.

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Like beautiful Blurb books they come from around the world.

They are made in Australia – Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, twin, twin, twin

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They are born in Italy. Belle gemelle italiane.

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And they are, well, just superhuman. Twin power!

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Not seeing double yet? Check out these beautiful twin books in the Blurb Bookstore and get inspired to start you own amazing photo project. And, don’t worry, its okay if you make just one.  Just be a twin at heart and share. Turn on Blurb Bookshow and share your book with your friends and family.

1 Double Trouble

Gemelli : Twins, by David Teplica

2 Double Trouble

Twins, by Nguyen Duong


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