Down with SOPA/PIPA!

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Dan Pacheco from BookBrewer writes about the chilling effects that the SOPA/PIPA bills before congress could have on authors and self-publishers:

It’s one thing for a startup to get shut down, but even worse for an honest individual to be made out as a criminal. The average self-published author is over 40 years old, and is someone’s mom, dad, grandmother, uncle or teacher. We’re increasingly seeing books from college students and teens, and even a few art eBooks from elementary school kids publishing with their parents’ permission. Self-publishing has quite literally changed the lives of some of these authors, and built a lot of self-confidence for those who have made it past the finish line. Is it fair to bring that to a halt with just one unproven copyright complaint? We understand that piracy is a real problem for large publishers, but there are more effective and fair ways to deal with it. Tying the hands of honest writers and allowing them to be labeled as criminals is not the solution.

Extremely well said! Though these bills have been delayed, it’s very important not to let up the pressure. The fight for new and open publishing is a long-term one. If you agree, call or write to your member of Congress and tell them what you think!

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  1. absolutely correct – i support 100% – keep on fighting against commercializing our souls!!!

      January 31, 2012 – 8:34 am   Permalink

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