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Recently Wired News reporter Ryan Singel agreed to have an article about Wikipedia edited by Wikipedians rather than his editor. 348 edits later …

Why did he do it? As he explained in his follow-up story:

Stealing a line from Dan Gillmor, I agreed because I’ve learned over the last four years of writing for Wired News that my readers are smarter than I am.

We at Blurb feel the same way. One need only to peruse the Blurb Bookstore to see that Blurbarians have a way with words and images. You people seriously rule at making books, which is why we’re hoping some of you will take a moment to review Blurb’s own Wikipedia entries.

We readily admit to creating them, but we’re not exactly, per Wikipedia’s standards, objective. We’d feel a lot better if those of you who are familiar with our company, our BookSmart software, and the brand-new world of bookmaking software would add your thoughts and, even, criticisms to our entries. Who knows? Maybe we’ll need to add an entry on Blurbarians soon…

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