#enjoythejourney: A Cool Animated Instagram Project

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Today’s awesome video find is from a project called #enjoythejourney. Instagramer @ryanchesney is organizing a crowd-sourced Instagram project that invites Instagramers to submit tagged photos that will be animated together into a video. It’s truly a collective journey, incorporating disparate photos into a visual narrative. And the work they’ve done so far is incredibly cool.

Here’s how you can join #enjoythejourney (btw, we’re not involved, we just think it’s a neat thing):

To participate is simple:
1) Tag your Instagram photos with #enjoythejourney to submit them for use. (You can tag as many as you like)
2) Make sure your photo matches the criteria so it will be eligible for use.
3) Share this video with your friends. (The share button is at the top right of the player)
Post a photo of yourself doing one of the following:
- You in transit (airplane, car, train, etc)
- With friends or family (smile!)
- Outdoor activity (Hiking, skiing, etc.)
- At a concert or amusement park (Would reaally like pics of you on roller coasters!)
- Sunrise or sunsets

It’s amazing as an animated whole. But we also think it’d be pretty neat to see all the Instagram shots together as a book.


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pin it button #enjoythejourney: A Cool Animated Instagram Project

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  1. Wow that’s a really cool video! Haha.. Thanks for the blog entry, I appreciate it!

      August 20, 2012 – 4:47 pm   Permalink

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