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It’s summer, yet we’ve noticed a lot of Halloween in the air. You’ve got the remake of the “Thriller” video. (Talk about scary.) Harry Potter has been working his magic. (J.K. Rowling knows how to cast quite a love spell over her readers.) Here in San Francisco, they recently decided to shut down our epic, over-the-top Halloween party in the Castro district. (You’d have to see it to believe it.)

It’s enough to make you crave costumes and candy two months ahead of schedule. What do you say we just give in and go there. Start by checking out 10/31, our Book of the Week.

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In 10/31, Matthew Kirscht features 74 Halloween illustrations. He’s got mad skills. Some of his work has that quintessential creepy/cute vintage look, while others channel a bit of Tim Burton’s frenetic, macabre humor. Every page of this book is interesting, entertaining, and a little nostalgic. Or maybe I’m the one that’s nostalgic; it’s been quite awhile since my first Halloween. (I was Mighty Mouse. I know that makes it seem like I was born in the ’40s, but I wasn’t. I’m just old school.)

Congratulations, Matthew. Your book charmed us, your artistic talent floored us, and now we’re wishing that the Great Pumpkin was rising tonight. Alas, we have 77 days to go. Maybe we’ll just eat some chocolate while we’re waiting. Or plan what not to wear for our costume. Or watch The Grudge and weep from fear. You know, to get us in the spooky mood.

Ok, tell the truth: What was your first Halloween costume?

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  1. Casper the Friendly Ghost … C\’mon people, it was in the \’60s. After my initial wearing, my plastic Casper mask with friendly round cut-outs for eyes, was apprehended by my dad, who used the mask as a protective device while painting the ceiling of my room. Years later, the mask, dotted with yellow flecks, was found among other treasures in our basement. Thanks for the memories Casper.

    By Kathy
      August 16, 2007 – 8:57 am   Permalink

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