Experimenting with Balance

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picture 41 Experimenting with BalanceCheck out this short, but great, Flickr set by Dunny of books stacked in gravity defying combinations.

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  1. someone has way too much time on their hands!

    By chdant
      December 14, 2008 – 2:08 pm   Permalink
  2. So, what’s the deal with the stickers attached to the back of the books? I tried peeling it off and it left a nasty adhesive residue behind. After much rubbing I got most of that off, but there’s still a residue. Are these stickers really necessary? It really messed up the lovely picture on the back of one of my books.

    By Carol
      December 14, 2008 – 8:19 pm   Permalink
  3. What Carol said. I would prefer no sticker….otherwise very pleased.

    By Steve
      December 16, 2008 – 12:42 pm   Permalink
  4. If the stickers leave a residue use WD 40 to clean it up. It won’t hurt the paper.

    By Michael
      December 17, 2008 – 9:08 am   Permalink

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