Fine-tuning the Blurb Forums

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Hard to believe, but four months have passed since we first launched the Blurb Forums. In that short amount of time, the conversation has really taken off. So much so, that we decided to add a few new sections to help our ever growing community continue to collaborate, share experiences, and help each other out.

By listening to Blurbarian feedback, and identifying the most popular types of discussions across our existing threads, we’ve introduced five new forums to participate in:

  1. Book Design and Imaging: Where design and photography aficionados discuss layout, image processing, and more.
  2. BookSmart: Previously our “Technical Support” forum, this is the place to go when you need help with the application while building your book.
  3. Book Printing: Discussions about print quality, paper, and book binding.
  4. Ordering and Shipping: The place to talk about buying, shipping, and receiving Blurb books.
  5. Web Features: The hub for all things Web: Blurb Bookstore, Badges, Set Your Price – you name it.

By focusing each of these new forums on a specific topic, moderators and members alike can find, ask, answer, and discuss the topics that are most important to them, more quickly.

Keep in mind that we’re far from finished with fine-tuning the forums. Based on even more feedback, we have several enhancements planned in the coming year. Do you have a wish list of things you’d like to see in the forums? As always, our ears are open.

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pin it button Fine tuning the Blurb Forums