Flickr gets a makeover – you get more space

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We’ve long been Flickr fans at Blurb (after all, you can make digital photo books with your Flickr photos using both Blurb BookSmart and Blurb Bookify ). But Flickr has seen its star both rise and fall a little. Back in the day, it was the most popular photo sharing site out there, and now it competes with the likes of Instagram, Google+, Tumblr, Drop Box, and Facebook for photo-viewing eyes. Today, Flickr (whose owners, Yahoo!, also announced an acquisition of Tumblr) got a little makeover. It now resembles a cross between the above contenders.

A Tumblr-style photo feed shows on the home page. Your page now has a cover image, a la Facebook and your photo stream now shows even larger images. They already took a shot at Instagram this year with a mobile app that includes retro-tinged filters. And the new Flickr has a much cleaner look, like Google+. Like DropBox, you now get a ton of free storage — a free terabyte of space. That’s a huge increase in space for non-paying members.

Other new features include a slicker slide show and more engaging way to show photo sets.

PS: Blurb is on Flickr! And our Flickr group is a nice place for you to display images of your books. Post them there. We’d love to see them!

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pin it button Flickr gets a makeover – you get more space


  1. Blurb book has given me the tools to express the joys of writing, and the created ideals to lay them down as the foundation of true thinking. and also helping me to see the I in me that tells me that there is no limits, no space, no heights, and no restrictions in critical thinking.there is always space on a book shelve with your name on,,and at a level that the book can be reached, even without the help of a tepee toe.and we all know sometimes the knee can’t bend down for the reach, and sometime the tepee toe is not high enough. so a well balanced book will always finds it way right at eye level ,at the blurb book level . a book that will put you right in the middle…
    Thanks Blurb book!!!!!!!

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  2. Hey Nathanael,

    That’s wonderful and well put. Thanks for making your books with us!



    By Kent
      May 23, 2013 – 5:07 pm   Permalink

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