Formatting text in a poetry book

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Hoping to steal someone’s heart this Valentine’s Day? A love poem or two might be just the ticket. Whether you’ve written your own collection of sonnets or you want to let one of the classics do the talking for you, a personalized book of poetry made for your one and only will help you get your woo on.

You can use Blurb BookSmart® to easily create your own poetry book. Copy and paste the poetry onto the pages of your book project in BookSmart. Then use the text editing tools to arrange your text to create the right look and feel.

The alignment button (pointed out below with not one, but two red arrows) will help you center or justify your text. If you don’t have a clear idea of how to lay out your text, these examples should help you get started.

poetry layout Formatting text in a poetry book

Above, the first stanza has been centered to set it apart from the rest of the poem, which is left justified.

You can arrange a single poem per page or combine a selection of poems on a one-page or two-page spread. This collection from “Pairs” by Mary Yuill is a good example.

Here, she has kept the poems justified on the left, but the titles are centered.
Notice, too, that she has used indentations to indicate that a phrase continues on to the next line.

poetry spread Formatting text in a poetry book

An excerpt from “Pairs” by Mary Yuill

Or to create a book worth lingering over, put a single line of text per page, as in this illustrated book by Nu Ryu.

This sweet poem is spaced throughout the entire book, with just a single line or phrase on each page

square spread Formatting text in a poetry book

an excerpt from “The Love Letter” by Nu Ryu

Does the idea of printing something so personal make you a little nervous? Don’t worry – humans have been sharing words of love for at least 4,000 years, so you’re in good company.
It doesn’t matter if you rhyme or not: As long as your words are heartfelt, a gift of your poetry will mean a lot. Just make sure you order your book by our shipping deadlines to get it in time to give on Valentine’s Day (that’s February 14, in case you forgot).


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pin it button Formatting text in a poetry book

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