From Betas to Book Bashes

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We’re pretty busy here at Blurb, Inc. We’re in the throes of updating our site and very close to releasing the new version of Blurb BookSmart.

Even though we’re swamped, it’s become a tradition to stop work for two to three hours to make books. We fondly call this internal beta testing a Book Bash. And this is why we release betas to our customer – to learn from our customers and improve our software with each update.

So yesterday afternoon the buzz quieted to a murmur as designers, engineers, support staff, and the edit team got busy building new books or revising past books in the new build of BookSmart.

In fact, our senior engineer offered prizes for the most spectacular crashes …

Crashes are good

Seriously, crashes are good for developers. If you crash the app in house this is something we can easily reproduce and fix fast. It is worse if it happens in the field.

We love crashes and I will buy you a drink for a good one (for the small ones you may get a candy). :-)

Don’t be upset or set back when you crash our software. You will get big a THANK YOU from the development team. Crashes are not a sign of instability but are usually signs of excessive checking on our side. Because we care.

Please break our software.

In the process, we found some bugs, but made some nifty books.

And don’t worry, we’ll make the next version of BookSmart available as soon as it’s ready.

Look for more updates soon.

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  1. While I appreciate the optimism, I’ve tried using Booksmart 4 times today, only to have it crash every time. I am planning a book for my wife for Christmas (awww…) since we just had our first child (AWWW….), but the software is making me pull my hair out. I use InDesign daily and wish Booksmart allowed uploads of PDF files.

    Not sure if it helps, but my crashes occurred while using the blog book feature, usually when I used keyboard shortcuts for undo, cut or paste. I’m on a PC, Windows XP. Thanks, Chip.

    By Chip Jordan
      September 20, 2008 – 1:56 pm   Permalink

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