From digital gifts to pricing showdowns

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pin it button From digital gifts to pricing showdowns has a nice overview of gifts you can make with your computer, and mentions Blurb:

As you begin to envision your gift book, gather together the photos that will be used for that theme and transcribe any handwritten journals, trip notes or recipes into text documents that allow for easy spell-checking. You can copy and and paste the text into the book-creation software when you’re ready to assemble your gift book. – Susan Ayers Walker

And Mike DelGaudio is at it again. He’s posted a handy Pricing Showdown for Self-Publishing Photobooks. His roundup does a nice job of evaluating price and features between nine services including Blurb, Shutterfly, and Lulu.

So, it’s clear that most of the photo management sites are not prepared to create a photo album of the length I have created. Only Blurb, Lulu and iMemoryBook can actually print a book of this length. So unless I want to compromise on length that rules all of the photo printing services out. iMemoryBook and Blurb both create hardcover photo books using templates, while Lulu’s hardcover is a make-your-own-PDF affair.

That’s it for today. Let’s make this the final post of 2006.

Happy New Year everyone!

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pin it button From digital gifts to pricing showdowns

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