From Picasa to Blurb book, thanks to Mike

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You know that feeling when you get a thoughtful holiday present you completely weren’t expecting? That was my reaction when I saw this very thorough how-to blog post from Mike DelGaudio, who took the time to explain the step-by-step process for making Blurb books with Picasa.

Let me back up here and explain for anyone who hasn’t yet used Picasa that it’s a free software download from Google that lets you organize your photos, spiff them up with some retouching effects, and share them with people online. It’s the kind of thing that comes in handy this time of year, especially for resolutely amateur photographers like me who end up with red-eyed holiday party candids and blurred shots of holiday lights that fall just short of being arty. Most Blurberati are brilliant photographers, so I’ll take all the special effects I can get just to save myself some embarrassment when we’re sharing vacation photos around the office.

Now Mike has made Picasa even more handy with his step-by-step free tutorial, complete with screenshots of his own book in progress (that’s the cover below). He explains it all in a way anyone can understand, which is the kind of tech writing we particularly admire at Blurb. Plus he says really nice things about our software, and even his mom chimes in: “These are the only gifts you ever need to give me, I love them!”

Well, Mike (and Mike’s mom), you made my day. I always appreciate when people share their cookie recipes, but this is above and beyond – and I’m sure when other people get back from vacation with Picasa albums to turn into books, you’ll be getting thanks galore.

OhSnap From Picasa to Blurb book, thanks to Mike


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pin it button From Picasa to Blurb book, thanks to Mike


  1. Thanks for the nice article y’all. It was my pleasure to write the how-to. I am SO pleased with the build and print quality of your books. Quite simply, they rock. The Blurb book gets far and away the best marks for quality as well as the highest “ooh!” factor from friends. Well Done.

      December 20, 2006 – 3:01 pm   Permalink
  2. Thanks back at you, Mike — the admiration is definitely mutual. Anytime you have tips to share, give us a ping. And say hi to your mom for me.

      December 20, 2006 – 4:16 pm   Permalink
  3. I’ve just prepared my first blurb using Picasa as my collection-organize-and-visualizing software, for choose the right photo. And now I’m starting to prepare a second one :)

      December 21, 2006 – 8:54 am   Permalink
  4. I have been using Picasa for all of my photo editing and storage. However, I learned after importing my photos into the book, that many were beyond the 300 dpi limit of resolution that prevented me from uploading my nearly finished book. Now I am told I have to adjust all photos, over a hundred, in order to upload the book.

    If any one knows a shortcut to allow batch processing of the photos, already used in a book, please let me know.
    Greg in Austin

      February 19, 2007 – 12:14 pm   Permalink
  5. All of my images have been sized to 1280×800 [72]. Costco can print these images up to 5 x 7 just fine. I am planning on a large standard book but do not wish to resize the images. A similar problem exists for images from Picasa which traditionally are at 72. How will these images look when printed in a book, provided they are no larger than 5 x 7?

    By Hans
      September 21, 2009 – 8:44 am   Permalink

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