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Here’s an inspiring tale. After spending a year in Russia on a fellowship, blogger “AG” wanted to preserve the photographs and memories from that amazing journey in a book, only to find the process to be tedious and long. He writes: “At somewhere near the 90% completion level the progress stopped. And didn’t move. I lamented this until one day it just sort of came together.”

What helped? “A pen, a notebook, an iPod, and an uncomfortable seat in an overly air-conditioned starbucks” for starters, as well as Blurb. AG used Blurb’s BookSmart software to create and print his first book, “Russia 2006,” nearly 200 pages long. The process was so fast and easy, AG was able to finish a second 200-page book, “Moscow and Beyond,” and write about both of them on his blog. Color us impressed!
We were particularly tickled to read this paragraph:

It came after a week, and I was shocked. The quality is exceptional in absolutely every respect. This doesn’t look like a photo album assembled on the internet. The binding, the custom dustcover, the print quality, make it look like a coffee table book from a bookstore. The real benefit is that the professional nature of the book makes my photos appear much more impressive than they really are. I can’t express how happy I am that an important part of my life is so well presented. Check out Blurb and use it.

Thanks to AG for the kind words, and congratulations on finishing not one, but two books. We hope there will be more travels and books in your future.

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