Gift Ideas from the Blurberati: Part 3

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Still thinking about making your book? We’re here to encourage you to go ahead and do it, with a few examples of books we’ve enjoyed making and giving ourselves. We’ve learned that the best way to make it happen is to forget about making it perfect. Just get started and make a book that’s uniquely yours.  The person you give it to is bound to declare it the best gift ever, hands down.

So, here with more stories on books made, gifted, and loved are the Blurberati:



The book: Daily Grace

The occasion: “I gave it to my rowing partner, Stefan. We’ve been rowing on the San Francisco Bay for years. We generally push off the dock at 6:30 and reach the Golden Gate Bridge a little before sunrise. About a year ago we started taking waterproof digital cameras out in the boat to capture some of the incredible sights. Putting a book together was a great way to capture the experience all in one place.”

The reaction: “Stefan loved it and so did everyone in the rowing community who saw the book via my Blurb BookShow on Facebook. My parents ended up keeping my only copy! I need to order more.”

The unexpected bonus: “I now have a record of a time in my life that means a lot to me. I may not always be able to row to the Golden Gate but I’ll always have this book.”

Eileen’s top bookmaking tip: “Just start. I was nervous about making everything “perfect” but once I jumped in, I was having so much fun that the whole perfection obsession just disappeared. It’s definitely a high to give a book but the whole rediscovery of your creativity is a huge gift in itself.”


The book: A baby book filled with messages from friends

The occasion: “I made this book for friends who were about to have a baby. The title is a combination of their last names: Smith + Orf = Smorf. ‘Shiawase’ means happiness in Japanese. I collected pictures from our group of friends ahead of time (including their own baby pictures). At their baby shower, I had my laptop out, and Blurb BookSmart open with pictures on one page, and a text box on the other page. I set it up in a common area so people could sit and write messages for the parents-to-be. It turned out great!”

The reaction: “The couple absolutely loved the book. And our friends really enjoyed sharing their messages with them, too.”

The unexpected bonus: “The husband is a teacher and is now thinking of making the school yearbooks with Blurb.”

Marisa’s top bookmaking tip: “Collaboration makes a great book. My next idea is to gather family recipes, and make a cookbook for everyone for Christmas.”


The book: A photo book for my cousin Kim

The occasion: “I made it for Kim’s 30th birthday. We had a special backyard party with an old-time country band, so I had lots of great photos to choose from. Bookify made it really easy.”

The reaction: “She was so excited! And it inspired her to make a couple of her own books, too.”

Debsue’s best bookmaking tip: “Don’t worry so much in the beginning about choosing which photos to put in your book. Start making the book and see what works well together and what doesn’t. After I’m happy with my book I like to wait a day and then go through it again and see if there are pages I can cull to make it even better.”

We’ve got lots more Blurberati books and tips to share with you. Check back every Monday over the next few weeks for the latest, and start thinking about your own gift books. If you need help, sign up for one of our free bookmaking webinars. We have a whole series going on throughout the holiday season. Check out the schedule. Choose a time that works for you and let us walk you through the steps so you can get your book started – and finished – in time for giving.

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