Gift Ideas from the Blurberati: Part 4

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It’s getting closer to gift-giving time, so here we are again with a little encouragement and inspiration. Words of bookmaking wisdom for the week: Sure, your Blurb book will be the best gift ever. But the props you get are a big gift right back to you. So dive right in and make your books – we’ve all enjoyed the thrill and the kudos of giving a book we’ve made, and we know you’re going to love it as much as the person who gets your creation.

And here with more stories on books made, gifted, and loved are the Blurberati:

The book: A birthday book for an artist friend

The occasion: “Our friend Steve’s 50th birthday. My wife used to work for him back in the late 1980s, so we scanned a bunch of old photos from their days in the studio. We also went to the Castro, where he used to live and work, and took some current photos. Then we pieced them all together in Blurb BookSmart® to make the book. Steve’s artwork is on the cover.”

The reaction: “We gave it to him at a big birthday dinner in Vegas, and he burst out crying.”

The unexpected bonus: “We later received a painting from him as a gift to show his appreciation – we have it proudly displayed in our living room.”

Jay’s best bookmaking tip: “When scanning old photos, change the DPI from 300 to 600, as this helps the image work better in BookSmart. Your full formatting should be 600 dpi, sRGB, jpg or PNG.”


The book
: A family book filled with precious old photos

The occasion: “I made this book as a gift for all seven members of my mom’s side of the family, on the weekend of our wedding. My mom has a fairly big family and with their move to the U.S. and the passage of time, irreplaceable photographs were lost. There really isn’t much left after 60 years! I really wanted to show them what Blurb was and give them a gift that could stand the test of time.”

The reaction: “Absolutely emotional. Everyone was touched by the book and blown away at how everyone used to look.”

The unexpected bonus: “The book brought back real old memories they had forgotten…like the first family trip to the zoo, pictured on the cover. “

Judy’s best bookmaking tip(s): “Keep it simple! Less is more, always. Also, reading the FAQs on the Blurb site is always helpful. I find myself going back to them every time I make a book. And give yourself ample time to tell a story – get started early.”


The book: A birthday surprise

The occasion: “It was my Nana Maxine’s 90th birthday, and we gave her a big surprise party at her bi-weekly bridge tournament. The book is full of photos of her family and friends.”

The reaction: “She was so happy and excited and loves it so much that she has a special place for it on her coffee table so that anyone who visits her can see it.”

The unexpected bonus: “She now has photos of people (including her bridge buddies) that she’s known for over 50 years, all in one place.”

Debsue’s top bookmaking tip: “Get your book to where you’re happy with it ­– then wait a day, go back, and edit it to make it even better.”

We’ve got lots more Blurberati books and tips to share with you. Check back every Monday over the next few weeks for the latest, and start thinking about your own gift books. If you need help, sign up for one of our free bookmaking webinars. We have a whole series going on throughout the holiday season. Check out the schedule. Choose a time that works for you and let us walk you through the steps so you can get your book started – and finished – in time for giving.

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