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Tom Dolle, creative director at Dolle Design and Adjunct Professor in the Pratt Institute’s Design program, has a great eye—and a great business that he wanted to grow. To do that, he needed to get more eyes on his work and he was finding that a web portfolio wasn’t doing the trick. So he tried Blurb.

This wasn’t the first time Tom had made a book showcasing his work. In the past, he had used offset printing to create a portfolio of his work. And while he was happy with the results, he wasn’t happy with the price tag or the lack of flexibility. So when Tom discovered Blurb, he was one really happy guy.

“The Blurb format allows me to produce a book on the fly, even customize it for a specific situation,” says Tom. “The ability to go print-on-demand over offset printing has saved me thousands versus making a mass-produced book that could be dated and unusable in a short time.”

Tom tells us that his book is a terrific selling tool: “I can show specific design solutions to a client when I’m meeting with them.” He’s also given copies of his book to clients he’s featured and that, says Tom, “really cements the relationship.”

And, like a lot of Blurb bookmakers, he’s discovered the halo effect. “I had a new branding client pull my book out at a recent meeting with others members of his team, and he used it to solidify my credentials on the spot,” says Tom. “They were impressed, and it made my interactions with them much more productive.”

Tom used our PDF to Book workflow and Adobe® InDesign® to create his book and he plans to continue updating it with new projects over time. “The overall design of the book, as well as the content, sells my business,” he says. “Making a book is a great way for designers and photographers to show a broad portfolio, but many businesses—a landscaper, architect, or events firm, for instance—could use Blurb books the same way.”

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  1. thanks to tom for wonderful idea, I was looking for an idea to engage my customers and ways to catch their attention. A graphic design book for a graphic design company (like : can be a good tool.

    By Don
      August 23, 2011 – 2:24 am   Permalink
  2. This is a really great way to save money and time. Print on demand is good for business that uses printing. Nice post guys! :)

    By Caye
      October 11, 2011 – 6:55 am   Permalink

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