Great Gift Ideas from the Blurberati: Part 2

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As you might have guessed, all of us at Blurb are pretty enthusiastic about making and giving books. In fact, we have so many examples to choose from, that we’re going to highlight a few every week throughout the holidays.

So, here with their stories on books made, gifted, and loved are the Blurberati:


The book: A journey through Chateau de Pitray

The occasion: “It was a gift to the owners of a B & B in a beautiful French chateau. We’re good friends with one of the family members, who’d been encouraging us to come over to stay. We thought it would be lovely but we had no idea of the scale of the place. 100,000 square feet? Maybe more? They treated us like family – it felt less like a vacation and more like a glimpse into 600 years of French aristocracy.“

The reaction: “The Count and Countess de Boigne were delighted and told me that the book now proudly graces the coffee table in the main lounge.”

Eileen’s top bookmaking tip: “Try to think about someone else looking at your book without you there to describe what they are seeing. Should you add a little text to help carry the story? Are the images edited and sequenced so as to support a beginning, middle and end?”


The book: Eva & Joeffrey – and their families across Europe

The occasion: “My girlfriend and I are very far from our families now that we’ve left our countries to work in the UK. And our families are far from each other. We gave this book to our parents and grandparents in France and Hungary so they could ‘meet’ each other, and also see where we are now living and working in London. We included sections dedicated to each country, with photos of our villages and daily lives. The book is bilingual so everyone in the family can read it.”

The reaction: “It was unbelievable! Our families could meet and discover each other through a Blurb book. It was very nice for both families, like a mini-trip to Hungary or France.”

The unexpected bonus: “It was so emotional. A few weeks after receiving this book, our families decided to meet in real life.”

Jeoffrey’s top bookmaking tip: “Be creative, be unique. You have the possibility to build your own layouts so you can be proud of your work, 100% made by you.”


The book: Oliver the dachshund

The occasion: “A gift for Shelly.”

The reaction: “She loved it. But then, she is madly in love with Oliver, so how could she not like it?”

Kathy’s top bookmaking tip(s):
• Don’t over-edit yourself. If it’s a family book, they will appreciate every page. However, don’t use too many of the same or similar images, or it will look like you couldn’t decide which image was best – that’s where you need to edit.
• Don’t overdo it with the fonts. Too many fonts take away from the pacing and overall design of the book. Stick with one or two carefully chosen styles.

We’ve got lots more Blurberati books and tips to share with you. Check back every Monday over the next few weeks for the latest, and start thinking about your own gift books. If you need help, sign up for one of our free bookmaking webinars. We have a whole series going on throughout the holiday season. Check out the schedule. Choose a time that works for you and let us walk you through the steps so you can get your book started – and finished – in time for giving.

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