Great Gift Ideas from the Blurberati: Part 5

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All of us here at Blurb know it well: There’s nothing quite like the thrill of holding a book you made in your own hands. Except, of course, the thrill of giving that book to the friend or family member you made it for. The reactions to our gift books have run the gamut, from hysterical laughter to tears of joy to heartfelt smiles and contented sighs. And sometimes all for the same book.

So try it and see for yourself. Whether you put together a beautiful photo book in a couple of hours with Bookify, or push your creative edge with BookSmart, we know that you – and the lucky person who gets your book – will share an unforgettable experience.

And here with our last few stories on books made, gifted, and loved are the Blurberati:


The book: A book of photos about rowing on the San Francisco Bay.

The occasion: “My rowing partner Stefan and I row to the Golden Gate Bridge every week and we take along waterproof digital cameras to capture some of the sights. I made a book using some of my shots – and those taken by another photographer – as a gift to Stefan.”

The reaction: “Stefan was thrilled and so was I. I shared the book on Facebook with BookShow and got great feedback from friends, family, and the rowing community.”

Eileen’s best bookmaking tip: “Creating two-page spreads can be a great way to break up the rhythm in your page layouts. It’s easier than you think. Check out this FAQ to learn how. But, above all, just jump in and make your book. Before you know it, you’ll get hooked.”



The book: A photo book for mom


The occasion: “I made this as a birthday present for our mother, and the title – “Chickadees” – is what she called us three kids as a group. I got the photos when my Grandpa Joe died, and loved the collection because it represented pictures that my mom would have deemed Grandpa-worthy. I used BookSmart to make it, and though it took a while to scan the photos, making the book itself was super easy, and took less than an hour to design.”


The reaction: “She loved it!”

The unexpected bonus: “Now anyone in my family can have a copy of this book and all the great old photos in it.”


Maggie’s best bookmaking tip: “Keep the design simple and clean, with lots of white space – that way each of your photos really stands out.”


The book: For our friend Ernie

The occasion: “We gave it to him for his 60th birthday. My wife and I made this book in about two hours with Bookify. We uploaded images from our camera to our computer and then just autoflowed them to the book’s pages. Then we removed most of the problem images (too dark, too blurry, repeats) added a few captions and then published and ordered a copy. Easy!”

The reaction: “Ernie cried when he received the book.”

Jay’s best bookmaking tip: “Make sure you have enough of a light source when you shoot your images – whether it’s natural light or flash.”

Though this is the last in our series of Blurberati gift books and tips, there are plenty of inspiring examples to see in the Blurb Bookstore, so take a look. And you still have time to make and order your own gift books – get it done in an afternoon or evening with Bookify. If you want help and more ideas, try watching the great videos of our bookmaking webinars. Then check out our shipping deadlines and choose an option that works best for you. The December 12 deadline for Ground shipping to U.S. addresses and Priority shipping to destinations outside the U.S. is coming up soon, so be sure to give yourself enough time to finish up your best gift ever.

Happy bookmaking!

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