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Summer is on its way out. Sitting-in-the-sun time will soon switch with sitting-by-the-fire time. In the U.S., this three-day weekend is our last holiday before autumn and many folks will squeeze in one last trip. But here at Blurb, we believe that travel has no season; the time is always right for an adventure, be it exotic and distant or only an hour away. In the past, we’ve told you what we’re reading. Well, here’s where we’re traveling:

Memphis, Tennessee for a real Southern wedding – and I’m totally going to make a Blurb book for our friends. Then St. Croix for Christmas!

I’m going to LA this weekend with my girlfriend. We’ve been wanting to go visit because neither of us have ever really visited the city. We have almost nothing planned except going to a party called Smog where my brother is performing. The thing I’m most excited about is the flight down. We are going on Virgin America, it seems like such a cool airline.

I’m headed to NYC in early September for the annual pilgrimage (shopping, friends, good times), and giddy about the prospect of flying on Virgin America. When was the last time you got excited about getting on an airplane?!

Calgary and Drumheller Alberta, Canada in November. Adelaide, Australia and New Zealand in January.

Shanghai. I am reading China Road, by Rob Gifford (NPR China correspondent.) In it he chronicles his journey on Route 312 from Shanghai to China’s Northwest corner – it’s kind of the Route 66 in China today. Fascinating trip into time, place, and culture. Now I need to go to Shanghai.

A toast: next year in Black Rock City.

Taking a month long leave of absence to move me and my wife to Ecuador, where we’ll be for nine months. She’s doing a research project on the outcomes of cleft palate repair surgeries. Many of the patients live in remote parts of the jungle and can’t afford to make the trip into town for an interview. So, we’ll be canoing up the rivers near the Columbian border to find them. We’re planning side trips to Peru, the Amazon basin, and the Galapagos. I’ll be tagging along and working remotely for Blurb. Tons to do before then, but I can’t wait!

Locally, I am going to Guerneville to go camping over Labor Day Weekend. But at the end of October my family and I are off to Rochester, New York to taste cake and listen to DJ’s and smell flowers and such for the upcoming nuptials NEXT year. She comes from a family of planners. What can I do?

Long weekend in Calistoga in October – clear my head in preparation for Q4. Then Amarillo, Texas for Thanksgiving and Louisville, Kentucky for the holidays.

Mike V.
Annual Off-the-Grid Backpacking Trip in September to Lassen Volcanic National Park.

Using Our Accumulated 360,000 Airline Miles Trip
-Going as far South as possible…
-Punta Arenas, Chile – glaciers and penguins
-Puerto Williams, Chile – lunch at the End of the World
-Santiago, Chile – as long as we are in the neighborhood
I was going to try blogging the Chile trip while enroute. Will provide proper linkage if I get it set up.

Zion National Park for some hiking, canyoneering, and mountain biking.

Japan: Never been, the craziness of Tokyo and the calm of the countryside. Brazil: The spirit, the music, the lively cities…and the wildlife and beautiful nature.

Mike B.
I will be heading to LA for Lebowski Fest 2007.

I think my next trip is to sweet home Williamsport, Indiana for Christmas. Where I’d really like to go next is either the Virgin Islands or La Spezia, Italy.

Dreaming of Mumbai. All the art, ayurveda, bazaars, color, and curry. But first, a quick jaunt to Seattle, Washington for coffee in the rain with friends.

I’m going to Washington D.C. where I’m really excited to check out the Lincoln Memorial, which I’ve never seen. I’m deep in an amazing Lincoln biography by Carl Sandburg (the poet and Lincoln scholar) and am totally blown away by the life of Abe. Seriously, when people ask that question, “With whom would you have dinner if anyone, alive or dead?” he’s definitely the guy.

Not counting the potential holiday trip to Los Angeles to visit the in-family or the Maui trip I just returned from where I got to see an endangered Monk seal roll its way back into Napili Bay, I have definite plans to go to Cancun, Mexico next May. My first-ever trip to Mexico.

India, so I can eat amazing food from the local street carts, and take lots of pictures of the people, elephants, camels, and the colorful buildings!

So there you have it. Expect books to follow. Now you tell us. Where are you going? Where do you dream of traveling? And most importantly, can we come along?

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  1. you guys rock!!! wow… can you all do a collaborative book of all your trips???? that would be cool…..


      September 1, 2007 – 2:28 am   Permalink
  2. My family and I are going to Vegas for my bro’s wedding on October 1. I’ll take thousands of pictures I’m sure. Instead of buying something at one of the places they’re registered at, I’m going to make a book and give it to them as a wedding present.

      September 10, 2007 – 9:04 am   Permalink