High art. Old barns. It’s Book of the Week

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Barn’s burnt down –
I can see the moon.

I’ve always found Masahide’s poem particularly powerful and positive. It inspires you to work on the perception of things and try to find value in any situation.

What got me thinking about that quote – and perception – is our Book of the Week, Matt Niebuhr’s Portraits, Faces and Profiles of Utility. Matt is an architect intern and a talented fine art photographer fascinated by perception. On his book’s detail page he writes, “I pursue photography as an opportunity to investigate the threshold at which ordinary visibility ends and perception begins.” He blogs about it too. And he explores it in this book.

Portraits, Faces and Profiles of Utility consists of photographs of barns and corn cribs across Iowa. Don’t be fooled into thinking that these are your standard shabby chic, clichéd barn shots. Matt tries to picture these structures differently, approaching them as sculpture. The resulting images are poetic, artistically balanced, beautiful, and well poised. To me, some of the photographs conveyed an organic loneliness and sense of isolation, but that’s just my perception. View the book’s preview and let us know what you see.

barnsjpg High art. Old barns. Its Book of the Week

Well done, Matt. We enjoyed this book and your detailed, insightful book description very much. On your Web site, you mention that you’re seeking opportunities for gallery representation. Let us know when you schedule an exhibition. If we can’t attend, we hope you make a book about it.

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pin it button High art. Old barns. Its Book of the Week


  1. Yea Matt!

    I’ve followed Matt’s photos on Flickr for quite a while now and have always considered him a kindred spirit. I’m excited to see him get some love here! His work deserves it.

      November 29, 2007 – 10:25 am   Permalink
  2. Hi Chris. I just checked out your book in the bookstore. That first photo with the rainbow is stunning. Have you posted shots of your book in the Blurb Books Flickr Group? -Allison


      November 29, 2007 – 11:56 am   Permalink
  3. Allison – no I had not, but I have now!

    I didn’t know that the group existed when I posted some shots of my book last January.

    Thanks for the tip!

      November 30, 2007 – 8:40 am   Permalink
  4. I wanted to share with you this: http://mniebuhr.com/2008/02/07/the-altered-landscape/ – in which I am fortunate to have one of the pictures from the Portraits series accepted into the exhibition – running Feb 8th – 26th at http://www.newspacephoto.org/gallery/. I shared with them the blurb book I put together and I was quite surprised and happy that they put a copy out on the display table. The new larger format is really nice that Blurb offers and I have to say the product it is a pretty good way of sharing additional work at reasonable cost. I’d like to say thanks again for your kind words in the post on your blog and perhaps other artists will be encouraged to consider this method of sharing their efforts.

      February 10, 2008 – 10:08 am   Permalink

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