How do professionals use Blurb books?

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We were just at the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers show in London. Crowds of people stopped by our booth and the most frequently asked question was, “How do professionals use Blurb books?” Thought it might be a good idea to share our answers with everyone here in the blog:

1) Pros make books part of their client deliverables. For professional photographers, that means they offer to make Blurb books for clients as part of their services. Advertising agencies do this as well. And now BlurbNation Custom Bookmakers are making books for clients too.

2) Businesses, photographers, and professionals market themselves with books. They make portfolios. They present their business pitches in books. They catalog their products and services. They showcase their winning projects. Showing a wide range of work on the pages of a book is impressive, affordable, and you can leave them behind, like business cards on steroids.

3) Many pros sell their books for profit. They create coffee-table books featuring their art, poetry, or photography. Then they set their own price and sell the books for a profit in the Blurb Bookstore. This works for many different types of pros interested in making how-to books, self help books, travel guides, gardening guides, motivational reads, fan books, and much, much more.

4) Like the rest of us, many pros use Blurb to make personal books. A lot of creative professionals have to constantly appease clients, publishers, and employers. With Blurb they make the books that they’ve always dreamed of making. On their own terms.

And that’s what we have so far. Do you use Blurb as part of your business? It would be great to hear from some pros who are working with our books. Tell us what we missed.

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pin it button How do professionals use Blurb books?

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  1. Just back home after a week+ away – I’ll head over to read it sthorly, Robin. I’ve got a wee bit of catching up to do!

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