Indie Photo books of the week: 3×300

Photo by Chloe Ferres
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I think Friday is the best day to be creative.

So, with that in mind, meet Chloe Ferres via her books. Chloe came to our photo book workshop in Sydney as a fresh and shiny recent graduate of design school. She asked questions, made comments and generally presented herself as the perfect audience member. And we didn’t even have to pay her, bribe her, etc. Magical.

Two days after the event I got an email from Chloe that went something like this.

“Attended your workshop, loved it, made three conceptual books based on your advice in regard to the pocket and trade formats.” And she made three books: Fade, Code, and Zoom. All three play with aspects of digital photography, from the code behind the images to the pixillation of continuous zoom. The books are meant to be held together; she’s designed the spines to line up to form the name of the series: 3×300.

Here’s a rundown of the books:

3X300 / ZOOM

Digital photography breaks our world up into squares. ZOOM looks at pixels, by slowly zooming into the image. The resolution of the first page is 300 pixels per inch, while the resolution of the last page is just 1 pixel per inch.

3X300 / CODE

Most of the photos taken today will never be printed, they will never live outside a hard drive. CODE aims to display an image as our computer stores it, as lines and lines of text. Although the pages of the book contain only a fraction of the information contained within one photograph.


3X300 / FADE

If an image ever makes it into the real world, it will exist as droplets of ink on a page. FADE plays with this concept, recreating the magic of seeing images slowly appear before your eyes, as they do in the darkroom, or within a polaroid frame.

These books are cool. I love people like Chloe, people who learn something new, figure out how it works for them, and then just go and make something. She has gone on to add at least three new books to her lineup, and she doesn’t appear to be slowing down.


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