Interview with PBN Juror Henry Horenstein

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juror horenstein Interview with PBN Juror Henry Horenstein

Henry Horenstein is a guru when it comes to black and white photography; his influential “Black and White Photography: A Basic Manual” is the go-to book on the subject. He recently released Digital Photography: A Basic Manual, and he’s brought his expertise to Photography Book Now 2011 as one of our 13 jurors. Read on for his thoughts on photography books, black and white photography, and choosing the right paper for printing.

Blurb: Do you have any advice for photographers working on book projects?

Henry: Be consistent and fussy about your choices and also your technique. Your files must be consistent and well edited for best results.

Blurb: What is the most exciting aspect of the photography scene right now? How do books tie into that?

Henry: The ability to distribute your own work without a traditional publisher or gallery is truly exciting. That applies to your work and to books you make.

Blurb: You wrote the book (or at least one very influential book) on black and white photography. Can you talk about the power of black and white photography and what draws you to it?

Henry: I like the timelessness of it. The way it takes you away from today and into — whenever.

Blurb: What percentage of your work do you shoot in black and white?

Henry: Seventy percent, maybe. Hard to say.

Blurb: Can you talk about the choice of papers when printing a black and white photography book? What should bookmakers look for?

Henry: Glossy reproduces with the richest colors and most sharpness. But matte is more subtle.

Blurb: You’ve done focused work on everything from burlesque to honky tonk to animals. How do you find your themes?

Henry: Mostly I just like a good subject that is fun to work on and hopefully has historical or some other significance.

Blurb: Thank you for your time, Henry.

Check out more in our series of Photography Book Now juror interviews every week. The deadline for entering PBN 2011 and competing for the $25,000 grand prize is July 14. Head over to the PBN 2011 site for more details.

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