Interview with Pro Photographer Seth Resnick

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resnick cover Interview with Pro Photographer Seth Resnick

As a professional photographer, Seth Resnick is renowned for keen composition and incredible use of color. As a teacher, he’s unlocked the secrets of workflow, color management, and the ins and outs of the photography business for thousands who have attended his D-65 workshops.

resnick 1 Interview with Pro Photographer Seth Resnick

So, you can imagine how stoked we were that Seth chose Blurb to create his first book of photography, not just a book on the technical aspects of the craft, but a book of his photographs taken in Antarctica. Check out the book here and read on for the inside scoop behind the book, Seth’s beginnings, and his top tip for bookmakers.

Blurb: Okay, Seth, we have to ask – Antarctica?

Seth: I’ve been there three times and along with Japan, it’s one of the few places in the world where I really wanted to return. Going to Antarctica is like leaving the planet – it’s the highest, driest, windiest, coldest place on earth.

Blurb: It’s also mostly white. Was that a challenge given your proclivity for color?

Seth: The irony is that Antarctica is anything but white. The light is incredible and sunsets there can last for hours, not just minutes. The ice itself is so dense that red and green can penetrate it, but not blue, so the ice is almost a fluorescent blue. It’s otherworldly. The blue in the cover photograph for my book was really that intense.

Blurb: What got you into photography? Do you remember the first photograph you took that you were really proud of?

Seth: Actually, yes, I was in seventh grade and I was fascinated with saltwater fish. I worked in a pet store and got this idea to do a book on saltwater aquariums. Since my allowance didn’t cover a professional photographer, I had to learn how to do it myself. Turns out that photographing a fish through glass is not so easy. There’s physics involved – magnification, light waves, and the like. I got into figuring it all out and I was hooked.

resnick 2 Interview with Pro Photographer Seth Resnick

Blurb: Who inspires you as a photographer?

Seth: Jay Maisel – I call him god. I also am inspired by Susan Meisalas. She documented the war in Nicaragua and gave it new meaning by shooting in color.

Blurb: Do you have a favorite photography book?

Seth: It changes all the time but right now I’m into Eric Meola’s book on India. I own two of his prints and have them on my wall. I never get bored looking at his images.

Blurb: This is your first book of photography. Why Blurb?

Seth: Self-publishing is easy these days. There’s a lot out there but I’m kind of anal. I don’t like to take chances with color. Plus, I wanted creative control, so once I narrowed it down, Blurb was the best choice.

Blurb: How long did it take for you to put your book together?

Seth: I decided to do the book two weeks before my Antarctica show opened in New York, and wasn’t really sure how long it would take. By the end of the first day, I had it all laid out and ready to go. The only choice left to make was whether or not to go with an image wrap cover.

Blurb: This is your first time working with Blurb BookSmart®. How did it go?

Seth: Thumbs up for the ease of use and customization capabilities. But I have to say the real icing on the cake was that within five or six days, I was holding the book in my hands.

Blurb: Okay, we’re blushing. Thanks. How about a tip for all the first-time bookmakers out there?

Seth: Avoid the big anthology. Everyone wants to do a portfolio of his or her best work, but it’s not the best way to go. Go with a theme, reduce it down to a project, give it a focus. For me, it was Antarctica.

Blurb: Many kudos and thanks. We look forward to seeing more.

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  1. Color in Antarctica? Yes! Especially when Resnick is there.
    It was so much fun co-teaching with Seth on all three Antarctica voyages.
    We influenced each other during the trips.
    Check out my website and Blurb book preview and you’ll see what I mean.
    Seth’s got a distinctive style and he’s one of the most dynamic photographers working today.
    This book is highly recommended!

      December 16, 2009 – 7:28 pm   Permalink
  2. Awe sum Article

      December 21, 2009 – 10:31 pm   Permalink
  3. Amazing work Seth! Congrats on the great Blurb Book.

      December 28, 2009 – 11:22 pm   Permalink
  4. Seth, loved your story about how you got into photography — from the other side of a pet store aquarium! :-)

    I usually avoid taking pictures “across glass”; lately I realize that that is silly: for it is better to try for a photo… then to let a shot get away.

    Your book is stunning!

      January 8, 2010 – 2:41 pm   Permalink
  5. What a great blue color in the Antartica photo. I was searching for posts and landed on this one and the photo immediately reminded me
    of the same vivid color I have in a photo of a Plecostomus on blue
    gravel in my article on freshwater aquarium substrate at

    From the bottom of the world to the bottom of an aquarium tank. Isn’t life great!

      August 2, 2010 – 3:00 pm   Permalink
  6. I’ve always wanted to go to Antarctica. I often go there in my dreams, (without the cold) but its literally been a life long dream. Your pictures make it even more so. I’ll go through your pictures this evening, hopefully i’ll be there soon afterwards :)

    By Greg
      April 11, 2013 – 5:16 am   Permalink

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