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If you need a book to showcase your business (or your kids, your wedding, your dog, your trip to the Bahamas … ) and you just don’t have the bandwidth to organize your photos and get everything into a book right now, then you need to contact a BlurbNation professional. These are folks who love making books, who just can’t get enough of it, and who are offering you their bookmaking expertise (even though you didn’t invite them to come to the Bahamas with you).

It’s easy. You take a look at the BlurbNation Custom Bookmaker Directory. Look through the Bookmakers’ online portfolios, links, and samples — find someone whose work really makes you say “Wow!”

Once you’re wowed-out, contact the Bookmaker directly. Tell them how much you like their work. Be clear and specific about the kind of book you’re looking for. Ask for references. Ask for a price.

And get ready to have your lips permanently stuck in the “wow” position.

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  1. Hmmm…will you read my book, it’s now in “BlurbNation”, search Spoon inside the book store and then you will see this book with a picture of a rabbit, and a little blue strip under it it says my name and “Spoon, the Brave” on the cover. I have gotten 48 views in the last couple minutes! How many does it take to be a “Staff Pick” or a “Best Seller”?

      December 20, 2008 – 7:02 am   Permalink

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