It’s Friday and we’re on the wagon …

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pin it button Its Friday and were on the wagon ...

And no, I am not referring to Kim’s showing at this week’s Moo Meetup. We’re talking about being swept up in the swell of Warriors excitement here in the Bay Area. Admittedly, I tend to favor college basketball and my beloved Jayhawks but it is hard not to get excited with quips like this from ESPN’s Page 2 in their coverage of the Mavs series:

Reason No. 132 why I love this series: It’s not often that you can follow a series, then midway through it, have to call one of your friends just to ask, “Hey, is it just me or did Matt Barnes add a new tattoo on his neck for this game?”

Reason No. 133 why I love this series: The winning coach showing up for his Game 4 news conference holding a can of Bud Light.

Or this track from the Trackrunners: “It’s the Warriors … Come out and Playyyyy.” Or hearing of morning commuters on BART chanting “Let’s Go Warr-iors.”

And for those of you who have written off the Warriors in this series let’s not forget the Jazz were down 0-2 in their series with the Rockets.

Game 3 tonight in Oakland … Go Warriors!

clip image025 Its Friday and were on the wagon ...

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pin it button Its Friday and were on the wagon ...


  1. And let’s not forget—let’s NOT forget—that the NHL playoffs are going on right now as well. While Warriors fever is certainly palpable in San Francisco right now, there is at least 1 person in the Blurb office wearing red and hanging a hockey jersey over her chair. Let’s go Red Wings! :)

    By alysha
      May 11, 2007 – 11:18 am   Permalink
  2. i’d be on the wagon if i drank bud light.

    By kim
      May 30, 2007 – 11:19 pm   Permalink

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