Jordan Buckner’s “Minor Key”

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We recently came across Jordan Buckner’s short film ‘The Minor Key’ and his wonderful book documenting the film’s production. We got in touch with him to get the lowdown on this promising young talent.

Blurb: Congratulations, Jordan, on receiving a first class honours degree in CG Arts and Animation! We’ve been reading your blog and noticed your fantastic short film ‘The Minor Key’. What was the inspiration behind this film?

Jordan: The inspiration for this short really came about through the desire to create narrative. I’ve always been interested in telling stories and connecting with an audience and so it felt natural to go down this route. From the beginning of the project, I knew I wanted to create something that was a bit more complex. Not a usual short animated comedy, as is often seen, but rather something that could be watched by adults. Cinema is at its best when an audience can have a profound emotional connection with the moving image – this is really what drives me to want to create narrative.

minorkey Jordan Buckners Minor Key

Minor Key by Jordan Buckner

Blurb: Why did you choose to publish a Blurb book about the film and how do you see yourself using it?

Jordan: My university course (CG Arts and Animation at The University for the Creative Arts) has always encouraged us to document our work thoroughly, and creating a book with Blurb is the perfect way to do this. Animation is an often-misunderstood art form and so creating a book to explain the process really is great to see. Viewers can see how CG is produced and it demonstrates how much work is involved in creating a short film and how much of the creative process goes unseen. I will be using the book during exhibitions to help people gain an insight into the process, as well as using it on a professional level when talking to employers and clients.

Blurb: What can we expect from you now that you’re officially a first class graduate?

Jordan: I’d like to think that I will improve with every project – that is always my goal. For now I am concentrating on refining my degree work and getting it ready for exhibition, but I have plenty of ideas that I would like to start working on. I really want to retain creative control in my future and so most of these ideas are independent projects with friends. Among these are an idea for a graphic novel, an animated environment, and a short live action film. These concepts are all documented and explored on my blog.

Minor Key Still 05 1 Jordan Buckners Minor Key

Blurb: Will you be showing ‘The Minor Key’ soon?

Jordan: I will be showcasing “The Minor Key” from the July 4 to 7, 2012, at The Business Design Centre as part of New Designers, a graduate show demonstrating some of the best work from all the creative arts. I will be at stand VC38 with eight other graduates from CG Arts and Animation, all showcasing superb work of their own as part of The University for the Creative Arts showcase. Some of the best work from our course can be seen on our CG Arts and Animation blog and the Behance page for our course. Tutors Phil Gomm and Alan Postings have really created a superb course that helps students develop in every aspect of the creative process.


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