Judging a Book By Its Cover

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2judgingbooksbycover Judging a Book By Its Cover

Book covers draw us in. They’re what call to us at the bookstore, often determining whether or not we pick up the book to check out. We sneak peeks at the covers of books that others are reading. Like-minded soul or member of another tribe? Think about it – book covers are like mini rorschachs, giving us a glimpse into the reader’s sensibilities.

The question is: how does all this translate to the digital age? How can you tell what that person with the e-reader is reading? Will a screen call to you? Good questions, and ones that were explored in a recent New York Times article.

Also, as this blog post from the Very Short List notes, some book covers are so great, they get double booked. And, for a round up of the 50 most captivating book covers of all time, check out this list from Online Universities.

Bottomline: Book covers matter. So, what’s an e-reader to do? Again, we’re not sure. But we’re watching.

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  1. Images still matter …. I like that!

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