Leaving prints everywhere?

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fponwinebottle5 Leaving prints everywhere?

Trying to give a much-loved Blurb book as a gift … without it looking like a re-gift?

Get rid of those incriminating smudges, smears, or fingerprints on the book jacket using Windex and a soft cloth — or a pre-moistened towelet (try one that’s meant for cleaning glasses).

Of course, you could always switch out your dust-jacketed cover for an ImageWrap cover, which has a matte finish and is harder to smudge. You don’t have to start a new book to get the ImageWrap, just upload your existing book to your My Books page and click on the cover picture to get to the book’s detail page. There, in the Bookstore Settings section below your book cover, check the Hardcover, ImageWrap box — and you’re good to go.

If you want to go the extra mile and really knock the socks off of your gift-ee (or client), consider enclosing your book in one of these custom-made photobook boxes, crafted from fiber carton and featuring velcro corners.

What’s your favorite way to showcase your book when you gift it?

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pin it button Leaving prints everywhere?


  1. I like the fiber carton ones… stylish!

    I’d get my wedding photos in one of those… If I were ever to get married LOL

      July 4, 2008 – 1:12 am   Permalink
  2. http://www.photobookboxes.com even comes with personalized lettering now!
    Get a title or wedding couples names on the box.

    By Peter
      July 13, 2008 – 2:11 pm   Permalink

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